Moteur CLASSIC 250W – Vélo avec cassette jusqu’à 10 vitesses

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The Classic 250W motor offers up to 9 levels of assistance for a speed of 25 km/h . Performing well on any type of course , it adapts to both disc braking and pad braking and is also compatible with different display and control devices (see TFT screen and OLED screen). Resistant , quiet and lightweight , it has a long lifespan which will allow you to benefit from its performance over the long term.

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The versatile vae motor for your rear wheel

A versatile motor for your electrification kit

The CLASSIC engine offers the advantage of adapting to both pad braking and disc braking systems . Versatile , it is suitable for all types of roads and routes. Its positioning on the hub of your rear wheel makes it particularly suitable for cycling or nature hiking . With a torque of 25Nm and a power of 250W , this standard-compliant motor will offer you great performance and comfortable electric assistance in all weathers for a total weight of 2.3kg .

Perfectly integrated into your rear wheel , it allows discreet integration of your electrification kit .

Vae engine compatibility information

The CLASSIC engine is compatible with 135 mm center distances and can only be fitted to bikes equipped with a cassette of up to 10 speeds ! For carbon frames and bikes with more than 10 speeds, it will be necessary to go to the ULTRA motor range . Before ordering, we recommend that you carefully consult the technical characteristics of the product.

Driving without assistance with your vae engine

Take advantage of the patented clutch system of this rear wheel motor which will allow you to ride without assistance and encounter no rolling resistance ! The majority of commercially available rear wheel motors operate with a system of plastic gears that cannot be decoupled from the hub (meaning you will have to run the motor even when you are not using the assist). As soon as you pedal, you will have to train the motor and therefore provide additional effort. With our clutch system to decouple the motor from the hub you will no longer have to encounter this constraint!

Product Summary

  • For use on any type of route
  • Lightweight
  • Long life cycle
  • Compatibility with multiple display screens and control options
  • Suitable for pad and disc braking

Technical characteristics of the CLASSIC rear wheel motor

  • Voltage: 33V
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Torque: 25Nm
  • Width/Frame compatibility: 135 mm
  • Braking compatibility: pad or disc 
  • Cassette compatibility: for cassette up to 10 speed maximum, Shimano or Sram type (for Campagnolo cassettes you will need to use a Miche Shimano cassette)
  • Frame compatibility: for a carbon frame , if it is 10 speed, check that the 135mm will pass without too much force on the stays (lower rear part of your frame.) If this is not the case, you will need to go to the ULTRA motor which is 131mm wide. For any carbon frame with skate braking, you will need to opt for an ULTRA PATIN motor.
  • Diameter: 110mm 
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h Not unclampable
  • Assistance levels: up to 9 assistance levels in TFT screen, 5 levels in OLED screen
  • Disc with a minimum diameter of 160mm at the rear with 6 holes
  • Comes with disc mounting screws
  • If you have a carbon fixing paste, please add it in the order note , and we will send you a special washer

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Informations complémentaires

Poids 2,3 kg
Choix du type de moteur

Moteur Classic en régulation de puissance 0/3/5 ou 9 niveaux de puissance suivant écran TFT ou Oled, Moteur Classic Bluetooth en régulation de puissance 0/3/5 avec écran optionnel

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